What is WonderSpace PLAY?

WonderSpace PLAY is the vibrant heartbeat of our community-driven initiative. Our indoor public playdates offer a welcoming environment for children of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Key Features:

Always Free

WonderSpace PLAY is committed to making play accessible to everyone. That’s why our playdates are always free. No admission fees, no barriers—just fun for all. 

Safe and Stimulating

We prioritize safety without compromising on excitement. Our carefully designed play space ensures that children can engage in activities that stimulate their minds and bodies in a secure environment.

Diverse Play Experiences

From interactive games to imaginative play zones, WonderSpace PLAY offers a variety of experiences to cater to different interests and ages.  Designed to foster physical activity, stimulate the imagination, and create an environment for families to explore together.

Virtual Tour: Check Out the Play Experiences

Snug Play - Conquer the Climbing Mounds

Embark on a physical adventure with Snug Play, where large climbing mounds invite children to conquer new challenges and build confidence through active play. Watch as they navigate the mounds, promoting physical strength, coordination, cooperation, and endless excitement.

BEAM - Dance, Jump, and Play with Light

Coming Soon! 

Step into the magical world of BEAM, a floor projector game system that transforms play into an interactive dance of light and shadow. From jumping and dancing to cooperative games, BEAM offers a mesmerizing play experience.

Construction Zone - Build Anything out of Cardboard

Ignite the spirit of innovation in the Cardboard City Construction Zone, where children use make.do tools and child-safe power tools to transform cardboard into anything they can imagine. It’s a space where creativity knows no bounds.

Cardboard City - Dramatic Play and Dress-Up

Coming Soon! 

Enter the Cardboard Cityscape, a bustling city made of cardboard featuring a hospital, theater, and restaurant. Encourage dramatic play and dress-up as children explore the different roles within the city, fostering social interaction, career practice, and imaginative storytelling.

High Flyers - Soar with Air

Experience the thrill of flight with High Flyers, featuring scarf tubes, a Bernoulli blower, and a paper airplane launcher. Watch as scarves swirl through the air, beach balls float above your head, and paper airplanes take off, combining active play with the excitement of airborne adventures.

Imagination Playground's Big Blue Blocks - Connect, Stack, Climb, Design

Unleash the architect within Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks. These oversized building blocks encourage collaborative play and imaginative construction, allowing children to build, create, and bring their dreams to life.

Sand Table Room - Calming Exploration

Coming Soon!

For a more serene experience, our sand table room provides a smaller, calming space. Children can engage in sensory exploration and follow gentle play directions in this tranquil environment.

Outdoor Playspace - Nature-inspired Play

Coming Soon! 

Step into our outdoor playspace, where the wonders of nature meet play. From water play and climbing mounds to gaga ball and discovering dinosaur bones, the outdoor area is a place for outdoor adventures and exploration.

Community Connection

WonderSpace PLAY is more than a play space; it’s a community hub. Families come together, friendships are formed, and the bonds of community strengthen as children play and grow side by side.

Playdates Locations and Hours

College Wesleyan Church
200 E 38 Street
Marion, IN 46953
Every Tuesday from November – April
closed in December: 9AM-12PM, 4PM-7PM

First Saturday of the month from November – April closed in December: 9AM-1PM

Playdate Guidelines

Learn about our commitment to safety and the guidelines that make WonderSpace PLAY a welcoming space for everyone.

Contact Us

Have questions or want to know more? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.