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The WonderSpace BLUE program will be launching in October 2024 at College Wesleyan Church. We will host bi-weekly peer-based support groups for families experiencing a significant loss. The groups will start with a shared meal and then move into a time of play and processing. After eating dinner together, participants will split into age-appropriate groups which will be led by a professional counselor or social worker. The trained facilitator will lead their group through 90 minutes of guided play, discussion, and other activities. 


There will be a group for preschoolers, elementary aged kids, teenagers, and the adults or caregivers who are attending with them. As a volunteer, you can choose which age group you would be most comfortable working with. If you love the littles and toddlers, then we have a place for you. If you’re proficient in Gen Z slang and you’d rather hang out with the high schoolers, then we absolutely have a place for you too. If you are most excited about interacting with all ages and welcoming people at the check-in table, then we have a need for your skills as well. 


WonderSpace BLUE is patterned after the ground-breaking work of other non-profits who are pioneering a peer-based grief support model, while also seeking to build and expand on that model by incorporating faith into our approach. Times of significant grief and loss can often produce big questions about life and God. Play is the way that kids explore their role in the story of God and we want to continue providing a supportive space for that exploration even in the midst of grief. While the adult support group is talking through their experiences and emotions, children are given opportunities to play through their grief in ways that can express emotions beyond mere words. Children have a natural sense of wonder and WonderSpace BLUE seeks to nurture that curiosity about the world and connect it to our curiosity about God, the Creator of wonder. 


Grief is a universal human experience because death is a universal human experience. Grief often comes in waves and occasionally escalates to a tsunami. The overwhelming emotions that accompany loss can be welcomed and weathered with the knowledge that this wave will eventually break. Waves can also be unpredictable so patience and grace with a grieving person are essential. 


Perhaps you have recently endured your own storm of grief and understand the value of community support through the process. Maybe you have not yet walked through a devastating loss yourself, but you have provided a compassionate and listening ear to a grieving friend or family member. If you are willing to be a steady presence for a person navigating the waves of grief, then you are qualified to minister here. If you are okay with uncertainty and have the grit to tolerate heightened emotions, we appreciate and celebrate those unique traits here. If you want to encourage curiosity in children and allow them to lead the way in their own process of grief, then we welcome your gentle, grace-filled attitude here. 


College Wesleyan will host training sessions for anyone who is interested in serving as a volunteer companion in the WonderSpace BLUE program. There will be two training sessions, each three hours, and will include guidance on reflective listening skills, emotional intelligence, trauma-informed practices, safety basics, and tips for learning to redirect children’s behaviors to maintain the group structure. The first training is scheduled for August along with another training opportunity in September. WonderSpace BLUE has highly capable and compassionate facilitators who will lead the activities of the group so volunteer companions can focus on being that steady, supportive presence for the children they are paired with. 


Grieving families in Grant County are already showing interest in WonderSpace BLUE and are eager to connect to a supportive community that is willing to help them process their emotions through the transformative power of play. WonderSpace BLUE needs volunteer companions like you to begin serving kids and their caregivers who are navigating the waves of grief. 

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