WonderSpace EDU

WonderSpace EDU: Enhancing Education Through Play

Play is a transformative tool for education. WonderSpace EDU introduces Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks to schools, providing a hands-on, play-based approach to learning for students in grades K-4.

Grant County Teachers: Crafting Curriculum for a Unique Educational Experience

WonderSpace EDU is proud to have Grant County teachers at the heart of our educational initiatives. Our custom-written curriculum aligns with Indiana State Standards, offering a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students. Each activity is designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in a playful environment.

How WonderSpace EDU Works: Bringing Big Blue Blocks to Your School

1. Reservation Process

When a school reserves WonderSpace EDU, we will work with your school to coordinate pick up of Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks and accompanying curriculum.  Pick an available week that will work best for you.

2. Week-Long Reservations

Your school will have the opportunity to keep the Big Blue Blocks for a week, Monday – Friday. During this time, they can be utilized for various purposes, including classroom activities, play-based learning, indoor recess options, or special events like parent or science nights.

3. Flexibility in Use

Schools have the flexibility to integrate the blocks into their existing curriculum or use them for specific educational initiatives. The goal is to enhance the learning experience through hands-on, imaginative play.

4. Care and Responsibility

Schools are required to agree to care for the Big Blue Blocks during the reservation period. Proper handling and storage ensure the longevity and availability of this valuable educational resource.


5. Return Process

At the end of the week, the school will return the Big Blue Blocks and all accompanying curriculum to WonderSpace EDU.

6. Usage Fee

The usage fee for a week-long reservation is $400. This fee helps support the maintenance and availability of the Big Blue Blocks for future educational endeavors.

Reserve the Big Blue Blocks for Your School Today!

WonderSpace EDU invites schools to check out the reservation calendar and secure a week with Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks. By integrating play-based learning into your educational approach, you provide students with a unique and memorable educational experience.

Ready to Elevate Learning Through Play?

Reservations are for one week.  Select the Monday at the start of the week that works best for your school and then keep the blocks and curriculum until Friday.  Once you submit your request, we will contact you with more information.  You can download samples of the curriculum as well.