About Us

What People Say About Us

~ Heather Barkley ~

“I loved the snug play activity. My kids loved the jumping and walking all over the play items. The card board area was a blast! Hearing my son communicate with me on what he wanted to make was amazing. He has the best imagination and that area was perfect for him.”

~ Laura Ashba ~


“My favorite moments all happened in Cardboard City. I got to watch my kids explore their creativity, while being pulled in to help build their vision. It was an opportunity for me to learn about them and how uniquely their minds work. They saved the best for last when they found a way to work together and combine their creations. We all had so much fun working together.”

~ Abbie Grandlienard  ~

“I enjoyed watching my grand daughter problem solve and see her imagination come to life.”

~ Brenda Woods ~