Meet Our Team

Stephanie Freemyer

Founder and Program Director

Why: “In my experience, play is the place where friendships are formed, it’s where dreams are explored, and it’s where I find my family wearing the biggest smiles. I am passionate about WonderSpace because I want to form friendships with my neighbors. I want to see children exploring their dreams, and honestly, Grant County looks really good in a smile.”

Tara Griffin

Executive Assistant

Why: “I got excited the minute I first learned about WonderSpace!  Bringing the community together through play and creating a space that accommodates all children and families is a wonderful thing.”

Aaron Perry

Advisory Team Member

Why: “I love being part of WonderSpace because it is filled with caring professionals who enjoy collaborating to make indoor play opportunities possible for all children.  WonderSpace will bring fun, community, laughter, and meaningful play to Grant County.”

Angie Leffler

Advisory Team Member/Grant Co-Writer

Why: “Being a part of WonderSpace is an opportunity to help unite families and the community through the joy of play. I look so forward to seeing the families of Grant County having fun in creating endless possibilities together. In my experiences, I have found the most joy when I am laughing and smiling with my family and friends through playful opportunities.”

Kevin Duecker

Advisory Team Member

Why: “WonderSpace provides an opportunity for families to build memories and relationships through interactive play experiences that engage physical activity, critical thinking, problem solving, and social interaction.  Their approach to connecting with families in local communities is inclusive and – most importantly – FUN!”

Heather Perry

Event Manager

Why: “I love watching my children play. I get to see their smiles, hear their laughs, and interact with them during play. This is exactly what WonderSpace wants to provide for our community.”

Emma Albert

Special Needs Consultant

Why: “WonderSpace has the mission to unite families through play. My desire is to provide all individuals with that opportunity. How amazing would it be to see children and their families coming together from all different backgrounds and abilities to play?”

Rachel Ashley

Video and Content Writer

Why: “I grew up in this community and I love it dearly. When I heard about WonderSpace and what it would bring to Grant County, I fell in love with the idea. In some ways, I’ve never stopped being a child, and I’m always looking for ways to use my imagination in the everyday. It’s here that I can make space for fun.”

Wes Kitten

Photography/Social Media Marketing

Why: “As a parent, I’ve seen the need for more spaces dedicated to play in Grant County. WonderSpace is fulfilling that need and I see the importance of what it is doing and what it will become. As a photographer, I enjoy being able to volunteer my skills to help get the word out about WonderSpace.”