Frequently Asked Questions

WonderSpace is a grassroots initiative – designed, built, imagined, and executed by Grant County community members. We are growing to meet the needs of our community as we gain additional support and partnerships. As our support grows, we hope to be able to purchase a permanent location for WonderSpace. Until then, we will move around the county to gymnasiums willing to host us. 

You can download a map of our each our pop up locations by clicking here. Share these maps and images with your children in advance so you all know what to expect when you arrive.

Here at WonderSpace, we are committed to providing quality play for ALL children in Grant County. We are continuously working to improve our play space to make it welcoming and fun for all.

WonderSpace believes that everyone deserves to play. Because of this, we are intentional about ensuring that our host sites have an accessible entrance, have accessible public restrooms, are equipped with a calming space/sensory room for WonderSpace use, and has designated accessible parking spaces.

WonderSpace is currently grant funded and community supported. For the 2019-2020 winter play season, WonderSpace does not cost for your family to attend. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to service the children and families in our community in this way.

When you arrive, you will first check in at the front desk. As part of the check in process, all visitors will take shoes off and wear a wristband (we have stickers as a substitute for a wristband, if needed. We also provide shoe covers for children and adults who require shoes for walking support).

If you would like, before entering the play space you can create a schedule together using stickers to plan your play. This is optional and is available for children who enjoy schedules or for families who like to have an action plan.

When you enter, you will be greeted by a WonderSpace employee who will review a few important rules with you. 

It may be noisy in the gymnasium because other children will be playing (we have noise-cancelling headphones available for anyone who may prefer them at the Family Tools cart located inside WonderSpace or at the front desk).

WonderSpace is a big open space with lots of fun things to do (we have a calming room available to provide a quiet space when needed and we have timers available on the Family Tools cart to assist you with transitions between play experiences). 

When you are ready to leave, you and your entire party will stop by the welcome desk to retrieve your shoes. WonderSpace staff will ensure you are leaving with the same people you came!

The Family Tool Cart is a resource for families who attend WonderSpace. The cart is located inside the main play area. The cart, the calming room, and the front desk contain the following tools and resources for families: 

  1. maps of the location 
  2. hand sanitizer
  3. timers (to help children transition between play experiences or to prepare them for going home)
  4. noise cancelling headphones 
  5. tissues
  6. weighted stuffed animals 
  7. sensory beads and dim lighting
  8. plan your play schedules 

If you feel your child would benefit from quiet hours to slowly adapt to the environment before it gets crowded, WonderSpace opens at 9:30am specifically for families who have special needs.

  1. WonderSpace cleans equipment with soap, water, and disinfectant before every play date.
  2. WonderSpace provides hand sanitizer stations throughout the play space and at the welcome desk and calming room. 
  3. WonderSpace staff ensures families check in and out together by utilizing a wristband system. We confirm that groups only leave with the same people with whom they arrived.
  4. WonderSpace requires all visitors – adults and children – to remove shoes while playing on the WonderSpace equipment for cleanliness and safety.
  5. WonderSpace staff are trained and are hired with excellent recommendations! All have up to date background checks.
  6. We have floor matting certified with a 4 foot fall rating under the snug play equipment. 

WonderSpace is open on specific dates throughout the winter for indoor play. See our event page for upcoming scheduled play dates. 

When we have Friday play dates, we open from 4pm-8pm. 

Saturday events run from 10am-4pm. 

If you feel your child would benefit from quiet hours to slowly adapt to the environment before it gets crowded, WonderSpace opens 30 minutes prior specifically for families who have special needs (2:30pm on Friday and 9:30am on Saturday).

WonderSpace welcomes your feedback and would like to provide you and your child with the necessary tools to have a great experience at WonderSpace. Please share with us how we might better serve you. 

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